By Juan Flores
Your probably thinking that a volcano is a mountain that shoots this red orange stuff well that half of the process there more. One fact you should know about a volcano is it get cause by magma. Another fact is it can be really dangerous, also after a volcano disaster there are different hazards that happen.

One fact you should know about volcano it get develop by magma. So in the mantle magma can break through the crust, and when it develops it breaks through it there are bubbles that make it push up faster and it breaks and explodes and the stuff out of the volcano is called lava.

Another fact you should know about volcanoes is they can be really dangerous because one you can breathe in the ash two you can be burned by the hot lava. That why you should have a ready kit if you live near a volcano always have: can food, water, radio, flashlight, medicine, batteries, mask, and goggles.
The last fact you should know about volcanoes is there are hazards after a disaster like that, but here are the hazards that mostly happen are volcanic ash which is smoke that goes in the air, also pyroclastic flow is the same thing as a volcanic ash, but it is poisonous.

These facts are not lie there true, but people are afraid of volcanoes some are dormant which means some have not erupt in a thousand years, but when the tectonic plates to move you better start running.