By: Jorge, Topete


Earthquakes are dangerous, they can kill people and the biggest one

of all time is the in Valdivia, Chile on May 22, 1960 and the magnitude of it is 9.5 and it killed 1,655 people, 3,000 were injured, it made 2,000,000 people homeless, and $550,000,000 worth of damage.


Have you ever asked yourself how does an earthquake start? An

earthquake first starts by the titanic plates moving. It starts in the mantle and then it goes up to the crust and the focus of the earthquake is called the epicenter.

Seismic Wave

How does a earthquake travel? A earthquake travel by a seismic wave

The earthquake happens and goes to other places, like when you throw a rock in a lake, it goes in the water and makes waves in a circle. When the seismic wave goes to other shocks. After shocks are smaller earthquake after the big one happens.


How can you measure the magnitude of