Weathering 4/10/14

By: James Kinsey
Weathering can be dangerous like tornadoes, erosion or even waterspouts. A lot of things can be dangerou8s but today we will only be talking about weathering in general.

First, a landslide is essentially wet land that causes other land to rapidly fall down the mountain or hill. There can be dangerous depending on the mountain.

Secondly, rock fall can be very dangerous and you should avoid it, due to all of the rocks placed on a hill or a mountain, they can be caused by a man/woman or gravity itself,

What are tornadoes you ask? Tornadoes are essentially Funnel clouds that spin very fast and are so strong that they could pick up things like a house or another heavy object, other than tornadoes, Hurricanes on the other hand can be very dangerous because they are 10x bigger than a normal tornado. You really want to stay away from these disasters.

Finally, mudslides are essentially mud that slides down a mountain; these cannot harm you in any way unless there is a blunt object in the mud or something sharp in the mud.