Have you ever been in a earthquake? If you said yes you should know that it makes a moves the ground really fast sure it sounds fun but they can also be very dangerous and that is why I am typing this report to teach you all the dangers of the scariest events that mother nature has to throw at us earthquakes.

First well talk about how earthquakes affects the earths surface. We all know that earthquakes make cracks in the ground but they can also do much worse some earthquakes are so powerful that they can knock down a whole building down if they can do that to a building think about what they can do to your house hope you don't have any pet in the house.

Second well talk about one of my favorite on what starts a earthquake. Earthquakes start when a crust doesn't go up or down but they go left and right and they end up getting stuck and then they start rumbling and making the ground above vibrate really fast.

Now well talk about the first earthquake that ever was but since the computer didn't hove that much on it this is what I found first the earthquake happened in a place called Sri Lake when the earthquake happened in 1619 and here's some bad news 2000 people died from it.

now that were done with that time for some fun fact did you know that it is impossible to know when the next earthquake is about to happen and earthquakes have killed over 1 million people .